Monday, 1 March 2010


Last month was super busy, with many new projects and exciting events:

On Tuesday four of the RCKT Co. team visited my studio for an exhibition I've been asked to take part in at PARCO, Japan. The exhibition focuses on the current UK design scene, and the list of studios involved is absolutely amazing (Big Active / Bibliotheque / Build / Jonathan Barnbrook / Julian House (Intro) / Neville Brody / Studio 8 / Tomato / Yes...) so I'm very excited to be taking part in this show. More about this soon.

I've just finished a tshirt for the Tate Modern through the lovely chaps at SuperSuperficial. This will be available in stores early next month, so keeps your eyes peeled for further updates.

And finally, I've recently completed a new illustration for Money Magazine (US). It's to accompany a feature article on cutting taxes, and is created out of dozens of US tax forms (below). This will be printed in the March issue.

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